Ways to smoke Weed ?>

Ways to smoke Weed

There are many interesting ways to smoke weed. It doesn’t just have to be done in a bong (although that can be a fun way) – check out some of the methods listed below to smoke weed.

Smoking out of a Bong

The most obvious method but still a great device. Bongs are probably the quickest and easiest way to smoke weed available. You can get a wide range varying from glass to acrylic or you can even build a homemade bong.

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Smoking a Joint / Doobie

Joints are easy to make and very portable. They are essentially just rolled cigarette except with marijuana instead of tobacco (or sometimes both together).

Using a Marijuana Vaporizer

Vaporizers are quite different from bongs and joints in that they don’t actually produce any smoke.

What they do is heat the marijuana up to the exact degree that forces the bud to release the THC – from which you then inhale through a plastic tubing and get high. These are a very healthy way to smoke as you don’t inhale all of the extra chemicals.

Smoking out a Nintendo 64 Controller

Generally you wouldn’t try this but we couldn’t resist putting this one up and it just goes to show that you can honestly make a bong out of just about anything as long as you have the creativity.

Bongs can be made out of buckets, apple, sinks – you name it.