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Water Bongs

Just about all the bongs you can think of are water bongs. Water is added to the bong to filter out some of the harsher chemicals and give a better, cooler smoke for you to enjoy.

Water Bong

The bong basically consists of a chamber – the actual area in which smoke is gathered and pulled, a bowel – the cone piece like part that the substance is put into for smoking and the stem – a tube in which connects the chamber of the water bong to the bowel.

There are several types of water bongs ranging many colors and variations and it all really comes down to what you are looking for.

Water Bongs

Generally, one of the most accepted as the “best of the best” when it comes to water bongs are glass bongs, these provide a very pure, cool hit and always look impressive.

Some people choose to opt for ceramic bongs however as these are most often hand painted and provide the best canvas for a really funky looking bong. Another very popular water bong are the acrylic bongs, they are strong sturdy and extremely hard to break. This makes them a great party bong to take out with you. There are of course many other types of bongs including gravity bongs, crazy bongs and big bongs.

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