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Types of Weed

There are many different types of weed, here we will go over some of the main differences between each of them.

For a starters most weed strains are either Sativa or Indica. Sativa is marijuana that gives you a mind high when it is smokes and Indica gives you much more of a body stoned feeling.

Jack Herer

Pictured above is Jack Herer, a Sativa type of Strain. Jack Herer profile at Leafy.com.

There is also Indoor and Outdoor weeds. Indoor (which is usually grown with hyrdoponic systems) are generally more potent whilst indoor grown weed is far more of a nice relaxing smoke.

Despite popular belief “hydro” (short for hydroponic) does not in any way refer to the quality or strength of the weed but rather indicates simply the fact that it was grown with a hydroponic system (using bright lights to allow the buds to grow indoors).

Weed grades

If you hear of a weed being described as Shwag this generally means it is more of a really lazy high where as something that is classed as Comerce is a far stronger, better high.

There are also many different strands of weed around, some of these include John Newsom x Skunk, Aurora Indica, Blue Velvet, Blueberry, Bubblegum (from Indiana), Full Moon, Greece Coat, Humboldt Select, Kushage, Northern Lights x Skunk #1, NYC Diesel, Pakalolo, Shiva Skunk, Skunk Passion, Skunk Red Hair, Super Skunk, Silver Pearl, White Lady, White Rhino, White Russian, White Smurf, White Widow and Yumboldt.

Sometimes the grade (strength) type of the weed will be referred to as a low, mid or high. If it is low it is more of a low strength, relaxing weed. If it is a mid it is probably average, and a high (also called dank, chronic and many other terms) is a weed of exceptionally high strength.