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Smokeless Bongs


So you are looking for a smokeless bong? You aren’t the only one.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests on information on where people can either find or make themselves a smokeless bong. This is due to many reasons:

  • Some people simply dislike smoke or have asthma.
  • Some people wan’t to avoid detection from “certain” people.
  • Some just want the cleaner feel.

Unfortunately however there really isn’t an easy solution to this if you are desperate to find a bong that will not produce smoke. There is a simple alternative though – The Vaporizer.

A vaporizer has many benefits and advantages over a bong:

  • No Smoke is Produced.
  • Many harmful chemicals that you don’t want in your lungs are removed.
  • Totally silent and subtle. Never get caught again.

Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Digit

This is without a doubt, the best vaporizer ever. It comes with a hefty price tag (479 €) but once you smoke out of this you will never ever want to smoke out of anything else.

Honest to god, the Volcano Vaporizer is what kings would smoke with.

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