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Roor Bongs

What is a RooR Bong?

RooR Bongs are made by a reputable company out of Germany that specializes in high quality glass water pipes. RooR bongs are generally seen amongst the cannabis community as the best bong money can buy. They use only the highest quality materials and provide the absolute best tasting smoke possible. It is often said that once you have used a RooR bong you wont want to use any other bong ever again.


Where can I buy a RooR Bong?
Due to the scarceness and unusually high quality of RooR bongs not too many places sell them. If you are a frequent and keen smoker I highly recommend you invest in a RooR bongs, it may just be the best thing you ever did. For a truly great range of RooR bongs take a look at their custom bongs. The official RooR bong website is

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  1. People smoke out of all kinds of things from apples to high tech vaporizers but if you love waterpipes and you’re ready to invest in a high-quality glass bong that will be a solid, reliable smoking instrument for years to come, it’s time to get a ROOR.

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