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Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are truly well crafted, beautifully smoking bongs. But what exactly makes these bongs so good?

  • They have colorful, interesting designs.
  • Many of them are hand painted.
  • They are extremely portable.
  • They are very easy to use and clean.

Ceramic Bongs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and there are some seriously great designs out there.

These are some of the top Ceramic Bongs available:

Holiday Design Ceramic Bong

Holiday Design Ceramic Bong
Float away to a tropical island with this holiday style ceramic bong. Gives a fantastic smoke.

Small, Compact Ceramic Bong
This is a top quality bong, smokes extremely well and looks great – but the best thing is it’s cute, small and compact. Perfect for taking it on trips.

small compact bong
Snake Bong

Ceramic Snake Bong
A very, very cool looking snake bong. This bong is sure to impress friends and turn eyes.

Yoda Bong
One of the most funky, colorful, well designed ceramic bongs I have ever seen. This just ooze’s coolness.

transparant blue bong
Ceramic Alien Bong

Ceramic Alien Head Party Bong
Perfect for any party (or any occasion really!). Get your friends to crowd around the alien head an inhale – pure bliss.

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