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Glass Hookahs ?>

Glass Hookahs

Hookahs come in all sorts of shapes, colors, designs and styles. One of the most popular types is the glass hookah – a beautiful piece of smoking equipment that not only smokes great but looks sensational. If you’re in the market for a glass hookah then you can’t go passed our range of sublime hookahs made from glass in all types of styles. The glass hookah is probably among the most stunning to look at out of all the different…

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Water Bongs

Just about all the bongs you can think of are water bongs. Water is added to the bong to filter out some of the harsher chemicals and give a better, cooler smoke for you to enjoy. The bong basically consists of a chamber – the actual area in which smoke is gathered and pulled, a bowel – the cone piece like part that the substance is put into for smoking and the stem – a tube in which connects the…

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Smokeless Bongs

So you are looking for a smokeless bong? You aren’t the only one. We’ve been getting a lot of requests on information on where people can either find or make themselves a smokeless bong. This is due to many reasons: Unfortunately however there really isn’t an easy solution to this if you are desperate to find a bong that will not produce smoke. There is a simple alternative though – The Vaporizer. A vaporizer has many benefits and advantages over…

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Gravity Bongs

A gravity bong is also known sometimes as a tube, waterfall, depth charge or a sinker and is a device used for smoking weed by creating a vacuum where the suction created forces air to go through a bowl and fill a container with smoke This method is also known as a waterfall bong or “flood”. A “waterfall” is created by having a plastic bottle with a hole at the bottom, complete with a removable bottle cap with a bowl…

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Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are truly well crafted, beautifully smoking bongs. But what exactly makes these bongs so good? Ceramic Bongs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and there are some seriously great designs out there. These are some of the top Ceramic Bongs available:

Acrylic Bongs ?>

Acrylic Bongs

The main advantages of an acrylic bong (over say glass bongs for example) are as follows: Probably the greatest thing about Acrylic Bongs is the fact that there are a LOT of really cool, stylish acrylic bongs out there. These are some of the best Acrylic bongs out there:

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Roor Bongs

What is a RooR Bong? RooR Bongs are made by a reputable company out of Germany that specializes in high quality glass water pipes. RooR bongs are generally seen amongst the cannabis community as the best bong money can buy. They use only the highest quality materials and provide the absolute best tasting smoke possible. It is often said that once you have used a RooR bong you wont want to use any other bong ever again. Where can I…

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