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Big Bongs

Sometimes the old saying “The bigger, The better” is true. And that can be absolutely on the money when you’re in the market for a bong. Bigger bongs allow for more pull, bigger tokes and longer cones.
These are some of the best big bongs on the market.


Large Double Chamber Glass Bong
One of the best double chamber bongs on the market. Made from fine glass, produces one of the coolest smokes I have ever seen. Highly recommended if you are in the market for a double chamber.

The Big Bamboo Bong

One of the greatest bamboo bongs around. You might not have seen many bamboo bongs around but they produce one of the cleanest, coolest, smoothest smokes ever. Absolute quality here.

Bamboo Bong
4 Hoses Bong

Glass 4 Hoses Communal Bong
A big, glass communual bong with four hoses to suit smoking for up to four people. A great quality made bong with a superb smoke.

Korean Pipe – Queen Size
If your after something a bit different you can’t go past the queen size korean pipe, it’s large, strong and totally bad ass. This is sure to impress.

Korean Pipe - Queen Size
G Spot Bong

G Spot Ringdom Dom Bong
An incredibly looking, perfectly smoking large glass bong. Perfect for those who want the biggest and the best.

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