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Weed Poems

Check out these great weed poems brought to you by Bongs Bay!

This is a collection of weed and cannabis related poetry that has been compiled for your reading pleasure. The author's are unknown but the meaning is there!

What I require

If there is one thing I just can't stop,
It's my urge and need to smoke pot!
It is my saviour, my deep desire,
Weed is all that I require.

Crappy Day

A stressful day,
So pissed off,
Work was crap,
I've lost the plot,
I storm back home,
Down to my den,
I smoke a cone,
And feel good again.

Come Smoke Weed

Come around and smoke some weed,
Turn around and come sit down,
Smoke all that you do need,
I got half an ounce and you should know,
That this is some crazy hydro grow,
So sit back man, relax,
It's time to let you mind flow.

I love grass

Mary jane is just so great,
I love to smoke it when it's late,
I love to smoke it in the day,
I love to smoke it in the day,
I really love to smoke that grass,
So all you pigs can kiss my ass.

The world as I see it

While sitting at my computer I turn down the lights,
Finally I have no worries coz the world's alright,
Watching corrupt politicians rant and rave in the fascit nation we life,
Where common sense is jut a figment of our imagination,
I say to myself, That will never be me,
If made president all repressed would be freed,
We'd be allowed to sit and pass the ganja green,
We'd be allowed to puff our widow without a court date,
Liberals could smoke with concervatives and still relate,
But not now, not here.