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Black Leaf Steam Roller PipeBlack Leaf Steamroller Pipe

A large and gorgeous steamroller pipe from Black Leaf. This pipe provides the user with a smooth, crisp smoke that'll keep you coming back for more.

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Acrylic Steamroller PipeAcrylic Steamroller Pipe

A simple yet ultra effective smoking pipe made from acrylic. This pipe has a removable metal bowl and is perfect for taking with you on the go as it's tiny, portable and virtually indestructable.

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RooR SteamrollerThe RooR Steamroller

A killer pipe from RooR, this deluxe pipe is ultra lightweight and portable and is crafted to a very high standard. This pipes slick design is exactly the type you'd expect from RooR!

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Colorful Steamroller PipeColorful Steam Roller Smoking Pipe

A vibrant and colorful steam roller pipe that weighs just 30g and is 10cm long. This fun green and red colored bong is extremely easy to use and small enough to take with you anywhere!

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G-Spot Steamroller PipeG-Spot Steamroller Pipe

Here's a seriously stylish steamroller style pipe from Black Leaf that's functional, effective and affordable! It's design ensures a smooth smoke every time and at under twenty bucks it's an absolute bargain.

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Steamroller Pipes

Steamroller PipesA steamroller pipe (sometimes also known as Shabong) is a type of pipe that contains an open ended hollow tube with a bowl on one side close to it's end. It's most likely called a steamroller because of the devices resemblance to the front wheel of a steamroller.

To use a steamroller pipe you simply fill up the bowl with your smoking herb of choice and put your hand over the end nearest the bowl and your mouth at the other. You then simply light it up and inhale until the cone piece is empty.