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Molino Mushroom PipeRed and Black Spotted Pipe

This vibrant and colorful smoking pipe made from pyrex glass is the perfect addition to any collection. Made by Molino, this pipe can be stood up and looks like a discreet ornament but is even more fun to smoke out of!

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Molino Honey Pyrex PipeHoney Colored Mushroom Pyrex Pipe

This stunning glass pipe is hand blown by the good people at Molino. It's beautiful color can be seen inside and outside of the pipe. What's more is every pipe is individual - as in no two of the same will ever be made!

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Blue Pyrex PipeDark Blue Pyrex Mushroom Pipe

An awesome look dark blue mushroom style pyrex smoking pipe. This cool smoking pipe is a pleasure to smoke from and simply looks like a decorative mushroom figurine when put on display.

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Green Mushroom PipeMolino Glass Mushroom Pipe

Another stylish mushroom style pipe from Molino that'll have you coming back to it again and again. This rather cool hand blown pipe is a bargain as well at under twenty bucks.

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Pyrex Pipes

Pyrex PipesPyrex is a borosilicate glass that is a lot tougher than regular glass. These range of pyrex pipes are a fun way to smoke and not only to they look fantastic but they taste great too!

Pyrex pipes are affordable and extremely compact. They're a great way to take your smoke with you anywhere as most of them will easily fit into a small pocket. If you are looking for something even more compact you might be interested in our range of foldable pipes.