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Purple Haze Buds

Purple Haze BudsPurple Haze Buds are a strain of Marijuana Buds that are immensly popular amongst the stoner community.

As the name would suggest the plant and buds are actually tinted a purple color making them very distinctive from other buds.

Purple Haze cannabis buds are generally quite strong and induce a large high to the smoker making them the number one choice of smoke for many tokers.

Because of the amazing colors of these buds and plants we thought we would put up some pictures to show you just how beautiful this unique strain of plant is.

Enjoy these Purple Haze Buds Pictures!

Purple Haze

A stunning looking purple haze bud.

Huge Bud

An absolutely huge purple haze bud.

Purple Haze

Another lucious purple bud.

Wild Purple Haze

Wild Purple Haze Plant.