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Marijuana Buds

Marijuana Buds

Marijuana Buds grow on female cannabis plants and are the part of the plant that is smoked in order to get high.

There are many different varieties and strains of Marijuana buds, some of which include Purple Haze Buds and also the popular White Widow Buds. Each different bud type induces a different type of high and has the potential to provide pain relief to different areas of the body.

Most cannabis smoker's love seeing a good big green bud that is ripe for smoking and smells potent and flavoursome so here are some of the best bud pictures from around the internet to feast your eyes on!


An absolutely insane amount of cannabis buds.

Buds on Plant

Marijuana Buds still on the plant.

Tasty Buds

More Tasty Looking Buds.

Another Marijuana Bud

Chronic Bud.

Massive Bud

A huge, massive weed bud.