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Homemade Bongs

Weed LeafWhilst it's that that well crafted professionally manufactured bongs cannot be surpassed for quality, there are times when knowing how to make a good homemade bong can really come in handy. Forgot your regular bong? Need something disposable? Here are some types of bongs you can easily and simply make a bong with objects you would find lying around your house.

The Simple Homemade Water Bong

Homemade Water BongThis is probably the easiest, quickest and most common way to whip up a bong.

Just grab a plastic bottle (a 600ml one is good), burn a hole in the side about half way up, put a stem in there (you can use hose as a substitute), insert a cone piece (also known as bowl) into the stem and burn a small shottey hole on the opposite side. Just fill it up with water and you now have a portable, disposable bong ready for use.

The Can Bong (Also known as Bushman's Billy)

Can Bong A very simple concept. Just grab a can, bend the end of it down, stab a few holes into it with a pen or something of the likes and put your substance over the holes, your mouth over the opening and smoke!

The Apple Bong

Apple BongProbably the most interesting (and amusing) contraption of all the homemade bongs, the apple bong is just an apple with a segway cut into it allowing a bowel to be placed and lit on one side and a hole for inhaling on the other side.