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Metal and Wood Foldable PipeMetal and Wood Foldable Pipe

Here's a small and compact smoking pipe that's rediculously convenient. Made from both wood and metal it fits away easily into your pocket ready for action wherever you go!

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Fold-a-bowl PipeFold-A-Bowl Pipe

The Fold-A-Bowl pipe is a very cool invention. At first it's a small flat piece of steel about the size of a credit card - but after just a few folds it turns into a fully functioning smoking pipe. Totally ingenious!

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Metal Magnet PipeMetal Magnet Pipe

This metal pipe comes in two pieces. The pieces can be magnetically slotted together to form a small, compact and discreet block that can be even used as a regular fridge magnet if you like! Available in several colors.

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Foldable Twister PipeFoldable Twister Pipe

This small and discreet folding pipe is made from wood with metal linings inside as well as two cooling ventilation ports. It tucks away into a very small size so that you can have it with you wherever you go!

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Wooden Slider PipeWooden Slider Pipe

This popular sliding pipe fits perfectly into your pocket for total freedom when you're smoking. It's dead easy to use and gives a very smooth and tasty smoke. This is a great pipe for those on the go.

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Foldable Pipes

Foldable PipesIf you're a fan of smoking from pipes but are looking for something a bit more compact and portable then perhaps it's time to invest in a foldable pipes.

Foldable pipes are just like regular pipes except that they can be folded away into extremely small and discreet sizes so that you can take your pipe with you wherever you go.

They're extremely small, extremely convient and will make you the envy of all your friends!