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2000 Ice BongsThe 2000 Ice Bong

This bong is an insanely nice bong to smoke out of, in fact that is an understatement - it is pure luxury. It is made in Germany made out of the finest quality borosilicate glass under the absolute highest quality standards. The bong itself also looks extremally stylish. This really is the ultimate glass bong for any keen smoker.

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Hurricane BongThe Hurricane Bong

What makes the hurricane bong so good? A combination of sublime workmanship, ultimate performance and absolutely top quality standard. This is without a doubt, the ultimate bong. Complete with an anti-break system and lack of protruding parts that ensures very little damage when dropped.

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Hawaiian HazeHawaiian Haze Legal Buds

High: Body Stoned
Verdict: We have tried most of the legal buds around, some are average, some are poor and some fantastic but none of them have come as close to the legit stuff as Hawaiian Haze


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Wild GreenWild Greens Legal Buds

High: Head Stoned
Prepare to trip balls as you free your mind. This bud is perfect for just relaxing on the couch and watching a movie. Makes a for great after work bud to de-wind and de-stress.

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VaporizersHot Deals on Vaporizers

Looking for something other than a water pipe? Why not check out the sweet range of vapes that'll give you a new healthier way to inhale. Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes and if you shop through us - you'll get a great price! Just click the link below to be taken through to the full range of vaporizers at the online headshop.

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Weed LeafWelcome to Bongs Bay. The ultimate place to buy bongs online and find resources for all things related to 420, marijuana, weed and bongs. We have the Highest Quality Bongs and Smoking Accessories for sale available anywhere on the Internet, plus we've got lots of information to be found ranging from advice and reviews of the different types of bongs, ranging from your standard homemade bongs to the more up market, sturdy glass bongs. We love our bongs here and believe that it is the most enjoyable way to smoke marijuana and tobacco - nothing says relax like a bong does!

If you are new to the whole weed smoking thing or if you just aren't really sure what a bong is then you should check out what is a bong or how do you use a bong. Water pipes are one of the best way to smoke - their simple in design but extremely effective.

Cannabis PlantsYou wont be short of things to check out at bongs bay. There's a whole heap of information on things such as legal buds, using bongs.There are also a whole range of fun stuff to check out and use at Bongs Bay, we have weed wallpapers to liven up your desktop, weed screensavers to replace the boring old windows ones. Plus if you have a Myspace or Facebook profile, website, blog or other internet site that you want to pimp out with some cool weed graphics than take a look at our funny weed pics as well as our animated weed pics.

There's some great information on cooking with cannabis too, if you are interested in this then you really should check out our weed brownies recipe - you wont have tasted anything better before!

BongsIf you are looking for information on weed then we have it all, find out about the different types of weed, the different ways to smoke weed, the effects of weed and so much more.

If you're after a more premium bong then check out our range of EHLE bongs, Weed Star Bongs and G-Spot Bongs - all of these brands make top notch, high end water pipes that few can compare too. All of the water pipes from these manufacturers use extremely high quality borosilicate glass.

We've also recently added a huge range of bubblers to our collection for those looking for something thats half way between a bong and a smoking pipe in size. We've also got a huge range of smoking pipes for you to check out too including foldable, meerschaum and even steamroller pipes so take a look at the huge collection if that's what you're into!

This site is purely dedicated to helping and keeping pot smokers around the world informed and entertained so make sure you bookmark our site and return whenever you feel like it. We aim to help people find the very best deals and lowest prices possible on water pipes and other smoking accessories.

If you have any questions, queries comments, ideas or just anything you would like to contact bongs bay about then don't hesitate to drop us a line - just head over to the contact us page.

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